Matrimonial Law

In the specialty of Matrimonial Law, Butterman & Kahn, LLP is one of the few litigation “boutiques” in New York which can successfully handle any matter involving marital property, custody litigation, and support, regardless of the size of the marital estate or the issues involved. The Firm’s partners are each veteran attorneys of hundreds of highly contested matters, both at trial and on the appellate level. Each partner is also highly skilled in negotiations in order to bring peace and closure to difficult and stressful family conflicts. It is the Firm’s policy to utilize both negotiations and litigation in order to provide alternative solutions which best fit our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly and decisively to any circumstance presented, while achieving favorable results at a reasonable cost in legal fees expended. Indeed, despite the high caliber of representation, our fees will generally be substantially lower than similarly situated law firms. We have successfully tried every aspect of matrimonial issues, including complex distribution of assets, divorce grounds, child custody and visitation, domestic violence, support, paternity and other matters involved in family law and the dissolution of marriage. We have also dealt with more esoteric issues such as disputed ownership of frozen zygotes, the valuation of art collections, post-nuptial agreements, jury trials on divorce grounds, and the interplay between religion, culture and divorce. We are also experienced in international matrimonial issues.

An article written in a newsletter entitled Altruism Ingenuity Practicality: Traits Shared by Family Law Specialists¬†published by the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Jay Butterman and Deborah Kahn’s law school alma mater can be found here.